Webinar: Small Airways - Impaired Early, Detected Late

How oscillometry generates endpoints with high clinical relevance in COPD and Asthma Studies

Thursday 4/15/2021 at 8 am PT, 11 am ET, 5 pm CEST

Small airways are considered the quiet zone of the lungs and it is notoriously difficult to measure their inflammation and dysfunction. Yet small airway disease is known to contribute to the severity of asthma and COPD and is frequently involved early in both diseases.

Dr. Frederik Trinkmann has done significant research in small airway dysfunction, including its role in recovering Covid -19 patients with persistent symptoms, including dyspnea. In an interview by ERT’s respiratory specialist Dawn Patterson, Dr. Trinkmann will share the results of several COPD and Asthma studies and of his recent study of Covid patients using oscillometry to measure changes in small airway function. They will also discuss the benefits of adding airwave oscillometry (AOS) endpoints in asthma and COPD clinical trials.

Featured topics: 

  • What is small airway dysfunction and why isn’t it detected earlier in disease progression?

  • What is oscillometry and its role in COPD and asthma clinical trials?

  • Results of a study on the impact on small airways on some Covid patients with persistent symptoms

  • What does oscillometry add to respiratory clinical trials?

  • Audience Q&A


Frederik Trinkmann
MD, Consultant at Thoraxklinik Heidelberg at Heidelberg University Hospital and Scientist at the Department of Biomedical Informatics of the Heinrich-Lanz-Center for Digital Health

Dawn Patterson
RRT, CPFT, Director, Respiratory Solutions at ERT